About Us


ZimSelector.com is the first internet based distribution platform for financial services products in Zimbabwe which is accessible to Zimbabweans from anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis. The platform is home to premier financial brands in Zimbabwe`s financial services sector whose products are marketed and distributed via the platform to a Zimbabwean global market. The participating brands include: CABS, CBZ Group, CIMAS, Fidelity Life Assurance Group, Nicoz Diamond Insurance, NMB Bank, Old Mutual Group, and Zimnat Insurance Group.


Products which are distributed through the platform include insurance both life and general, medical insurance, savings, investments, (mortgages) and bank accounts. The platform allows customers to compare the pricing and the benefits of products from different participating providers and conclude a purchase or application online. Zimbabweans at home and abroad can now access and manage their financial services products at their convenience, putting Zimbabwe on the same page as the rest of the world.


ZimSelector also provides a similar service to small and large Corporates from various industries. We have a specifically tailored approach where we work with organisations, to understand their operations, assets and priorities, to ensure that they are adequately protected for the right insurance risks. We also present them with comparative quotations to ensure that they are always getting the best deal and service.


ZimSelector.com provides this service as a multiple agent. ZimSelector.com is responsible for marketing and outreach to the global customer base. The quotes generated on the ZimSelector.com platform reflect the exact business rules and product rates of each participating FI ( Financial Institution) . Similarly, the product details found on the ZimSelector.com platform have been provided by the FIs. After payment, the contract issue and after sales service is provided by the FIs themselves. The successful FIs Partners receives notification of an application and successful payment by way of an email from ZimSelector following which the proposal may be reviewed and a contract issued to the applicant/customer. The FIs Partner is responsible for any post sale ammendments or cancellations to the policy but is obliged to keep ZimSelector.com informed of the status.


Online Payments from customers are taken via   :


  • iVeri for international bank cards
  • VPay (ZimSwitch) for Zimbabwean bank cards
  • EcoCash for mobile payments


Our Customers

Our primary target customers are Zimbabweans anywhere in the world, wishing to buy financial services products online rather than walk in or telephone a service provider. We believe that Zimbabweans in the diaspora who still have assets and family back home that they would like to insure and support will find this site particularly attractive and a major relief as ZimSelector.com aims to alleviate the frustrations that are presently endured by Zimbabweans abroad who wish to compare and buy financial products or transfer funds.


How we make money

We don't charge our customers for using our service and we do not add fees or commissions to the prices you compare; instead we make money by charging our partner financial institutions a small fee commission once a sale has been made.



Our History

In February 2017 ZimSelector launched the first mentoring programe for journalists marking the beginning of what is now a highly successful educational programme, helping journalists to write more avidly and comprehensively on insurance matters.  This programme seeks to educate the nation and increase the uptake of insurance products nationally.  It has been commended by the Insurance and Pensions Commission of Zimbabwe who has now become the leading sponsor of the programme.


On 15th October 2015 ZimSelector.com launched its flagship aggregator, making it the first online comparison site for Zimbabwe offering a full quote and buy experience for customers at home and abroad. 


In March, 2013, ZimSelector.com launched the first online shopping mall for Zimbabwean financial services that focuses on providing an easy way for customers to understand products and complete online proposal/quotation request forms.


Where to find us

Our offices are located at 14 Steven Drive, Msasa, Harare Telephone : +2634 480817.  You can also contact us via the contact us link on the web site  or send an email to customerservice@zimselector.com


Who we work with

To ensure that our customers find the right product at the right price, we work with a range of trusted insurance providers and financial services organisations to provide a real breadth of coverage across the marketplace.  Our service partners include : CABS, CBZ Group, CIMAS, Fidelity Life Assurance Group, Nicoz Diamond Insurance, NMB Bank, Old Mutual Group, and Zimnat Insurance Group.


ZimSelector.com also offers a variety of other products through affiliations with trusted partners. If we do introduce you to one of these companies we will always tell you who they are.


Your personal data, privacy and security

We will never sell on your personal information to anyone else or use it to make unwanted sales calls or send unwanted emails. You can opt out of receiving calls and emails at any time.

We have an anti-SPAM policy and do not send unsolicited (junk) email. We also do not buy customer data from third-party companies.

We take your privacy seriously and follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your information as required by law. Our privacy statement and security statement provide full details. These also form part of our Terms & Conditions.


Regulatory information

ZimSelector.com Limited is a private limited company registered in Zimbabwe, registration number 6588/2012, and VAT registration number is 051435. Our registered address is : 7th Floor, Beverly Court, 4th Street, Harare. We are compliant with the regulations of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) the Insurance and Pensions Commission of Zimbabwe (IPEC) and the Ministry of Health (for Medical Insurance).

Our permitted business is advertising, advising, and making arrangements with a view to transactions in general, life, funeral and medical insurance as well as banking/investment products.



ZimSelector.com is a completely independent service that was launched by a team of insurance and technology experts who wanted to provide Zimbabweans at home and abroad, with the ability to compare personal finance products on a like-for-like basis.